Residential Locksmith Services

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Your new home

Do you know who the previous home owner has given a key to? How about a pet sitter or contractor? Maybe a long term guest? Unless you have a key that cannot be duplicated, you have no idea how many keys may be out there. We can also provide locks that use keys that cannot be duplicated so that you know positively how many keys exist for your home. We can offer different controlled key systems.

Deadbolt Installation

A deadbolt lock is your best defense against burglaries. In many burglaries, the front door is compromised. Do you have a deadbolt on your front door? We offer deadbolt installation services to supply and install deadbolts on any of your doors. Also, there is more to consider that just installing a deadbolt. It is also important to make sure the deadbolt strike is of serious quality. Most deadbolts purchased have only ¾ inch screws to attach the strike plate. Those screws only go into the surface of the door frame. You need screws around 3 inches long to reach and secure to the studs in the door frame. Our technicians can inspect your home and recommend measures to further improve you security. For instance if a door gets kicked in it is more often than not the door jamb that gives way rather than the door or the deadbolt. We can look at your door and frame to see how to best secure it from attack.

General Lock Repair

Do your locks no longer operate the way they did when new? Are the hard to open? When was the last time they were serviced? They may be able to be repaired. Maybe the issue is not the lock but loose or worn hinges or other factors. We will be glad to come to your home and inspect the opening and repair the problem. Just call 585-254-5140 to set up an appointment.

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