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At Advanced safe and Lock, Inc, we provide all the hardware and services to efficiently manage your door security. We install and repair hardware, design, implement and maintain master key systems.

Master keying

Imagine not having to carry that ring full of keys just to open the doors you frequently access. Master keying provides great convenience by allowing locks to be accessed by their own key as well as a master key. The master key can access all areas of your facility as well as multiple locations while individual keys only let them into specific areas. We can even design a system to facilitate not only a top master key and individual keys but also integrate sub master keys that access specific departments or divisions of your facility. For instance, one lock could be opened by the top master, floor master, tenant master, department master, supervisor master, as well as the individual key. Using a master key system offers great convenience but due to the physical characteristics of the way locks work it can also decrease the pick resistance of the lock. Also if not done properly, master keying can inadvertently cause keys to work that are not designed to operate a specific lock. Therefore master keying should be carefully created, closely controlled.

Key Control Systems

With standard locks and keys there are no reliable methods of absolutely verifying who has access to your system. Anyone who possesses a key can go down to the corner hardware store and have duplicates made and you have no idea how many keys will actually work your locks. Fortunately lock manufacturers have created systems that have patented restricted access to additional key blanks so there is some control of how many keys will operate your system. With these systems additional keys have to be obtained by authorized personnel only by means of written authorization, presenting a security card, signature verification, or any combination of all these measures.
Having patent protected locks and keys is only the start of a properly applied key control system. The other part is a system of recording the locks, keys, and users of the system. In a properly documented system all locks and keys are assigned an identification number and everyone who has a key is assigned that key. With a system in place such as this you are able to see who has what keys and where they can go with those keys. Used with a properly designed master key system and restricted key system you are able to see exactly how many keys with work your locks.

The primary lock that we recommend is Medeco High Security Locks. In our opinion Medeco is the best solution to the key control problem. Medeco is a quality lock that integrates the security of pick, drill, and pry resistance with a patented key system. We at Advanced Safe and Lock, Inc, carry a dealer’s only keyway. This means we are the ONLY company that has access to these blanks and lock cylinders. This system is compatible with every major lock system in the form of replacement cylinders.

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