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At Advanced Safe and Lock our name speaks for itself. We are advanced with our knowledge and expertise of locks, safes and hardware.

Whether you need an array of locks for your home, office or general piece of mind we have the state of the art safe.

The staff at advanced safe and locks has the skill and a variety of products to fulfill your needs.

Medeco High Security Lock Systems

Since 1968, the Medeco develops and protects the integrity of high security locking devices.

Medeco manufactures locks serving retailers, schools, universities, government, facilities, and much more.

Applications include deadbolts, mortise, rim, cam, padlocks, small format and large format interchangeable core, ratchet, parking, and much more.

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Things to consider when buying a safe

What is the purpose of the safe?

Do you need to protect important papers like a birth certificate? Are you protecting Grandma’s antique wedding ring or perhaps a valuable coin collection? The answer to this question will help decide what kind of safe you need. It could be as simple as a fire rated home safe all the way to a TL30 Jeweler’s safe.


This is probably the second most important consideration. You really do not need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to protect some important papers. But you want to spend more than a couple hundred dollars to keep that $10,000 coin collection from “walking” away.

How much room you need?

How big are the items you wish to store in the safe? Are you allowing for adding more items in the future?

Where will the safe be located?

Are you going to want the safe located in a bedroom closet, a basement office, or in a garage? You probably will not to get that 1000 pound safe up to the 2nd floor of your house. You also will not get a safe 60 x 30 x 30 safe in to a closet.

Any special features?

Do you want an electronic push button combination? Is a key and a combination required? How about a dehumidifier or internal lights? Perhaps an internal locking drawer or cabinet. All of those needs can most likely be able to be provided if considered before looking for a safe.

A final thought…

Please keep in mind, you usually get what you pay for. Quality needs to be paid for. A big box store will not be able to help you correctly choose a safe. And most importantly will not be able to service your purchase. Most of the mass produced home safes sold in those stores are for protecting papers from fire. A “safe” is not always a “safe.”

Advanced Safe and Lock promotes John Mallette to Vice President Operations

Advanced Safe & Lock promoted John Mallette to vice president of operations, announced Frank Cicha, ASL president. “John Mallette does an outstanding job at managing day-to-day business operations.  His comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of the locksmith trade enables him to ensure that Advanced Safe & Lock provides exceptional customer service,” Cicha commented. … Continue Reading

Frank Cicha elected Advanced Safe and Lock, Inc. President

(Rochester, NY)  Advanced Safe and Lock, Inc. elected Frank Cicha as president, announced Joel Snell, ASL Chairman of the Board. “Frank Cicha has played an instrumental role in Advanced Safe and Lock’s growth and success since we established the company in July 2003,” Snell said.  “He ensured that business operations flowed smoothly when ASL acquired… Continue Reading

Bernie Rick’s passion to work and help people resonates at 78

Fairport resident Bernie Rick, 78, works at Advanced Safe & Lock because he experiences such a thrill each time that he opens a safe. “People are concerned about their valuables and protecting their family and businesses.  I enjoy helping people,” Rick said. He discovered his passion for picking locks when he was 12 years old. … Continue Reading